Sustainable investing

The classic investment triangle, consisting of liquidity, return, and risk, is now being supplemented by a further dimension in the form of ESG criteria. By expressing your sustainability preferences you determine the depth to which the third dimension of sustainability criteria should be incorporated into your individual investments.

The three-dimensional triangle of sustainable investment

Our sustainable investment approach

Neue Bank AG is an innovator and pioneer in Liechtenstein in the field of sustainable investing. The bank has been offering sustainable investments since 2009. This gives it a long-standing track record with results that are actually generated and not just based on backtesting hypotheses.

We have adopted a methodologically comprehensive best-in-class approach (selection of the best from all sectors according to ESG criteria). This approach is applied equally to all asset classes. Our sustainable investment approach combines risk considerations, for example through exclusions, with a clear view of sustainable investment opportunities.

Tailored PRIMUS solutions

Our PRIMUS solutions offer you tailored investment advice and portfolio management – depending on your individual sustainability preferences. The higher your sustainability preferences, the greater the recommended minimum share of sustainable investment products. Together, we determine your sustainability preferences and the solution that is the best match for achieving your goals.

Further information on our sustainability approach can be found on our sustainability-related disclosure obligations page.

The new responsibility

As a private bank, we take responsibility – not only for your assets. As a company, we also have a responsibility towards society, our employees, future generations, and the environment. Sustainable and ethical behaviour has been firmly enshrined in Neue Bank’s mission statement since the bank was founded in 1992.

Sustainable asset management with PRIMUS-ETHICS

With the PRIMUS-ETHICS mandate, you have the opportunity to consider environmental and social aspects as well as financial aspects in your investment decisions. We invest your assets in morally and ethically irreproachable securities and apply professional approaches to implementation.

The new approach to investment advice

If you receive good advice, you make good decisions and know what you’re doing. To give you that advice, we offer comprehensive and clear consultations on all financial matters. Together with our specialists, we look at your personal situation and determine your individual investment goals.

The new advisory models

The way you manage your assets and your investment style are based on your personal needs. Together, we find the model that suits you best – according to your wishes. Our advisers take time for you and are always at your side. In a dialogue with you, our experts obtain a comprehensive picture of your investment objective. Together, we define the suitable investment strategy and model. When the strategy is implemented, you benefit from tailored solutions and ongoing monitoring of your assets.

Sustainable investing

You not only want to invest your wealth profitably. You are aware that wealth comes with responsibility. This is why you want to increase your capital by investing in morally and ethically sound companies. We would be happy to assist you in implementing your wishes. Please contact us.

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