Professional Services

Let us reach your goals together

Our services – for your assets and their targeted growth – are professional and just as comprehensive. As an independent private bank, we focus on investment advice, asset management, and financial planning. But our portfolio of services includes even more.

We serve as a custodian bank, offer financing, and are an experienced partner for intermediaries. In every area of service – whether as a depositary for your private label funds or as a lender for your business – we abide by the same guiding principle: We offer our clients and partners exactly what they need to achieve their goals – free from conflicts of interest and independent of any corporate group.

The new custodian bank

More than 70 investment undertakings rely on NEUE BANK – as their custodian bank of choice. Fund assets of more than 1.5 billion Swiss francs are held by us in custody in the heart of Liechtenstein. While we hold private label funds in custody, they are managed by a wide variety of fund companies.

The new partner for intermediaries

Intermediaries such as lawyers, professional trustees, independent asset managers, family offices, and other institutional clients choose their partner banks carefully. This is why they need an institution like Neue Bank at their side – independent and free from conflicts of interest.

Basic services

These services simply belong to a bank. This is where we take care of the processes and products that are part of everyday banking business.

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