The new approach to investment advice

You make your investment decisions. And you implement them. To get there, we embark on the path together.

If you receive good advice, you make good decisions and know what you’re doing. To give you that advice, we offer comprehensive and clear consultations on all financial matters. Together with our specialists, we look at your personal situation and determine your individual investment goals. Are you primarily interested in a significant increase in assets? Or would you like to provide financial security for yourself and your loved ones? Or are you already thinking about old age and would like to ensure that you’re taken care of? Should our proposal take social and environmental aspects into account? Once your goal has been defined, we prepare an investment proposal that is suitable for your investment type – without conflicts of interest and with a focus on optimal diversification of your assets. We advise, you decide.


Classic investment advice with strategy monitoring for long-term investors.

PRIMUS Beratung plus

PRIMUS Advice plus

Customised advisory model for professional investors with their finger on the pulse of the markets.

We advise you according to a clearly defined process

Your advisor provides you with personal and comprehensive support in all financial matters. The focus is on continuous monitoring of your investment goals.

  • Analysis: Personal / family / professional situation, income, expenses and assets, expected entitlements and investments, goals and wishes
  • Strategy: Risk capacity and appetite, return expectations, definition of asset allocation, selection of a suitable investment strategy
  • Model: Investment advice or asset management, investment style and preferences, intensity of advice and support
  • Umsetzung: Independent selection of securities according to the best-in-class approach, unrestricted range of available financial instruments

Portfolio analysis

It has become part of everyday life to research products and services – whether you’re choosing a new television set or a hotel for your holiday. With our portfolio analysis, we encourage this approach with regard to financial investments as well.

For you, this means getting a second opinion on your asset statement – a second opinion that is professional, independent, and without obligation. We pay particular attention to how you can save costs and minimise risks. We also uncover any lack of transparency and check your assets for crisis resistance.

Especially in these economically turbulent times, a second opinion can be worth its weight in gold – we analyse your current portfolio and develop an individual investment proposal for you.

Our investment advice offers you the following added value:
Your decision

You make the decisions regarding your assets yourself. Neue Bank offers you reliable support in implementing your investment decisions.

Your reliable partner

You trust a reliable partner who takes the time and care for a personal conversation to respond highly understandable to all your detailed questions.

Your independent bank

We do not develop our own products, so that our advice is free from conflicts of interest. Thanks to this independence, you can trade all securities with us that are tradable and convertible worldwide; from A as in alternative investments to Z as in zero bonds.

Your peace and quiet

You can lean back. Use your valuable time for what you enjoy – while our investment professionals take care of the safe development of your capital.

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