• Principle of sustainability
  • Magic square
  • Ethically and morally impeccable
  • SRI - Socially Responsible Investment

With the PRIMUS-ETHICS mandate, you have the opportunity to consider environmental and social aspects as well as financial aspects in your investment decisions. We invest your assets in morally and ethically irreproachable securities and apply professional approaches to implementation. Scientific studies underscore the positive correlation between sustainability and economic success.

Socially responsible investments (SRI) are becoming increasingly popular. They are based on the principle of sustainability, which builds on economic, ecological and social pillars. A socially responsible investment must therefore not only meet economic requirements in the form of financial returns, but must at the same time be in compliance with the demands of the environment, culture and society.

This can be described as a magic square, since in addition to the classical components of a financial investment – namely liquidity, return and risk – this strategy includes sustainability as a fourth component. This is an additional requirement, since potential companies and positions must first be examined in detail with regard to their appropriateness, but it also offers the special opportunity to invest assets in a responsible and future-oriented way in accordance with strict ethical criteria.

We will be glad to help put your wishes into effect and offer five investment strategies in CHF, EUR and USD according to your risk-return profile. Should you have other requirements in addition to these, we will also take very great care of your individually structured portfolio according to the above-mentioned criteria.