• Classic portfolio theories
  • Consideration of long-term cycles
  • Broad diversification
  • Sophisticated safety system

With the PRIMUS-ACTIVE mandate, we offer you the opportunity to invest your assets in accordance with the traditional insights of well-known portfolio theories. We pay particular attention to broad diversification, both with respect to strategic definition of the asset classes as well as selection of securities. We also take account of the fact that the financial markets are subject to long-term cycles and trends, and we strive to use these fluctuations to your benefit.

To reduce risk, we invest in conventional as well as modern investment instruments; by way of daily market monitoring, we strive to take advantage in a targeted manner of the best opportunities for you. Because of changing market conditions, the weighting of the individual asset categories may vary strongly.

The historic development of the equity markets shows that upswing phases have always also resulted in long-term correction phases. In these phases, it is not worth holding equity continuously. We have therefore developed a system which, on the basis of technical indicators, valuations, economic indicators and the interest rate environment, establishes fixed criteria which are used to sell equity positions completely. In this way, we are able to limit the loss potential of sustained correction phases.

Depending on your personal risk-return profile, you have three investment strategies at your disposal in CHF, EUR and USD. If you have very special preferences, we will be happy to structure your individual portfolio.