Asset Management

The investment of money is an art and demands foresight. We offer the ideal solution to put current portfolio theories into effect – conscientiously and responsibly. A detailed discussion is held between you as client and your adviser in order to define the investment aims and set out the strategy agreed for this purpose, such as asset allocation, currency mix, timeframe, etc. We will then manage your assets without you having to continually worry about individual investments.

As part of a continuous process, we observe the development of your investment assets in accordance with the applicable investment and risk guidelines which you and your investment advisor have defined in consultation. Of the utmost importance to us in this regard is that we offer you transparent and individual asset management guided strictly by the «best-in-class» approach. You decide which of the following three approaches are to be used for the investment of your assets.


The traditional asset management mandate.


The sustainable asset management mandate.


The index-linked asset management mandate.

Asset Management Conditions and Fees