Index-tracking portfolio management with PRIMUS-PASSIVE

The passive asset management mandate designated as PRIMUS-PASSIVE differs from the traditional solution especially in intensity and also in the manner in which it is implemented. In developing this solution, our goal was to offer efficient asset allocation by means of a passively structured portfolio. We invest your funds in cost-effective index products on the basis of the jointly prepared «Strategic asset allocation».

As soon as individual investment classes develop differently, the positions are re-adjusted to the agreed guidelines according to clearly defined criteria. This «rebalancing» helps to take account of overvaluations and undervaluations on the financial markets and in the long term to profit from the average performance per investment class. Studies indicate that above-average results are achieved with this structured, passive approach.

Using this procedure, we manage your assets from CHF 100,000.– onward for an attractive all-in fee. With PRIMUS-PASSIVE and depending on your personal risk-return profile, you can select two investment strategies in CHF, EUR and GBP and one investment strategy in USD. Your investment advisor will be pleased to submit a proposal.

  • Low-cost index products
  • Rebalancing
  • Long-term performance
  • Starting at CHF 100,000.–
Performance comparison

PRIMUS-PASSIVE Dynamic vs benchmark in CHF

PRIMUS-PASSIVE – Assets meet index-tracking portfolio management

You want to invest your assets in cost-effective index products. You attach particular importance to long-term performance. We would be happy to assist you in implementing your wishes. Please contact us.

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