The way you manage your assets and your investment style are based on your personal needs. Together, we find the model that suits you best – according to your wishes.

Our advisers take time for you and are always at your side. In a dialogue with you, our experts obtain a comprehensive picture of your investment objective. Together, we define the suitable investment strategy and model. When the strategy is implemented, you benefit from tailored solutions and ongoing monitoring of your assets.

You decide whether to entrust the management of your assets to our experts or whether to make your own investment decisions. No matter what you choose – our client advisors look forward to supporting you.

Which one is your investor type?

You make your investment decisions independently and flexibly, without sacrificing regular monitoring of your portfolio and our tailored investment recommendations.

PRIMUS Advice Plus
You have your finger on the pulse of the financial markets and actively manage your portfolio on your own responsibility. We support you as a professional sparring partner, monitor the development of your assets, and share our opinion with you on an ongoing basis.

PRIMUS Asset Management
You do not pay close attention to the financial markets or you lack the time to manage your portfolio yourself. We offer you professional asset management with different approaches adapted to your investor profile.

Invest the right way to create and preserve wealth – overview of your advisory models.
Classic investment advice with strategy monitoring for long-term investors.
PRIMUS Advice Plus
Customised advisory model for professional investors with their finger on the pulse of the markets.
PRIMUS Asset Management
Professional, tailored asset management solution to cover all needs.
Advice and client support●●●○●●●●●●●●
Monitoring and reporting●●○○●●●○●●●●
Investment and market information●●○○●●●●●●●●

Security and reliability are the cornerstones of long-term success.

Your adviser provides you with personal and comprehensive support in all financial matters. Following a detailed analysis, you jointly define the suitable investment strategy and benefit from tailored solutions. We would be happy to assist you in implementing your wishes. Please contact us.

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