Digitalisation at Neue Bank

Neue Bank has a wide range of possibilities for advancing digitalisation. We support you not only with user-friendly online systems, but above all with customised solutions to fully automate data exchange and your processes (further processing, archiving, etc.).

SFTP server for data transfers

We create four CSV files daily with the account balances, account movements, custody account balances, and custody account movements. These files are made available on the SFTP server early in the morning so that you can automatically retrieve and process them. The data can be imported and used for internal accounting systems, portfolio management systems, archiving systems, etc. Advices can also be delivered as PDF files (with index) for automatic archiving. This SFTP server solution is already being used successfully by many clients and has demonstrated its value. It allows you to save manual resources and significantly improve process efficiency.

Exchange order confirmations by email

As needed, you can receive a message with all execution data immediately after the execution of an exchange order. This keeps you quickly informed about your portfolio values.

Automatic import of exchange orders

If you wish, you can send us CSV files with exchange orders via the SFTP server, which we will automatically import and process. Orders are checked, executed, or processed according to internal regulations. After booking, we automatically upload the records to the SFTP server for further processing.

Bloomberg securities and account holdings for further processing

Every day, we make your securities and account holdings available to you directly in Bloomberg for further processing. As a Bloomberg user, your data is automatically integrated into the Bloomberg system for further processing or enrichment.

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