The new Organisation

Conscious of tradition and open to innovations

Neue Bank is an owner-managed banking establishment with an entrepreneurial orientation. This means on the one hand that we are committed to our traditions and successful experience, and on the other hand that we are open to innovations. This orientation is also reflected in the organisation of the bank – both in the Board of Directors as well as in the Executive Board and the staff.

Executive Board Neue Bank (left to right): Claudia Jehle-Ospelt (Finance & Services), Stefan Tschopp (Legal & Compliance), Thomas Hemmerle (Wealth Management)
Board of directors Neue Bank (left to right): Marc Sola (Triesenberg), Dr. Ernst Walch (Planken, Vice chairman), Prof. Dr. Manuel Ammann (Niederteufen, Chairman), Willy Bürzle (Balzers), Mag. Damian Wille (Vaduz)
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