We are
Neue Bank

Since 1992, we have been pursuing our own, new path as a Liechtenstein private bank. We are adept at the full range of a classic private bank. But we have also defined and expanded what it means to be a private bank in a new way and in your interest. The focus is always on your wealth and how to manage, plan, invest, and especially increase it. What is it about us that makes us new? Neue Bank means actual personal service. Comprehensive services and service quality, just as you need it. Performance and sustainability in practice – in all areas, from the bank building to your investments.

At our location in Vaduz, more than 90 employees take care of your financial concerns every day. Our team works concertedly for you and your assets. As different as our various personalities are, our crew is united in terms of competence, professionalism, and quality of service.

The new responsibility

As a private bank, we take responsibility. Not only for your assets. As a company, we also have a responsibility towards society, our employees, future generations, and the environment. Corporate responsibility is not just an empty phrase for us. Sustainable and ethical behaviour are part of our very substance. Responsibility is the common thread that runs through the fabric of Neue Bank – from fair asset management and our social commitment to supporting young talent to our ideal and modern working conditions.

Location Liechtenstein

The Principality of Liechtenstein is known internationally for its high quality in the field of finance. In addition to its political stability and liberal company and tax law, legally enshrined banking secrecy is only one further aspect of the optimal framework conditions of the financial centre. The Swiss franc as its currency and the financial strength of the State likewise have positive effects that ensure the continuity and development of the location.

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